A turducken is a boneless poultry roast.  Your WSB turducken share will be approximately 8lbs and can be easily carved after cooking.  We start by fully deboning a turkey, a duck and a cornish hen.

We roll these three birds together into a spiral, filling any gaps with a poultry sausage stuffing. The inside of the roast is fully seasoned and then the entire package is netted so it is uniform in shape. Your WSB Turducken package will come with the roast, detailed cooking instructions and the perfect sauce to warm up and put on top.

Frequently Asked Turducken Questions

Will My Turducken Try to Eat Me?
No, it’s for you to eat silly.

Will My Turducken be Pork, Gluten and Dairy Free?
Yes, we make the stuffing using poultry, spices and herbs.  We don’t use any dairy or gluten binders or filing in our products.  These roasts will be completely pork free.

Will My Turducken Be Frozen?
No, you’ll never receive product from WSB that is frozen (unless you asked us too!)

How Much Will My Turducken Cost?
Turduckens are selling for $130.

How Many People Will My Turducken Feed?
When meal planning, a good rule is 1/2 lbs per person of boneless meat or 1lbs per person if the bone are still in.  WSB Turduckens are fully boneless and weigh close to 8lbs.  They’ll feed 16 people comfortably, especially at the holidays when there’s always lots of other food on the table.

How Long Will My Turducken Take to Cook?
Great question.  We’re not sure yet.  Check out our detailed cooking instructions here.

How Big Is This Thing?  Am I Gonna Have A Pan Big Enough For This?
We’re anticipating an average size of 15 inches long and 6 inches wide.   So, you’ll need a pretty big cooking vessel.  A sheet pan would work well, but check out this sweet Staub.

Will There Be Any Bones in My Turducken?
No, these poultry roasts are completely boneless.

What Should I Serve with My Turducken?
Certainly some vegetables.  We don’t think you’ll need any more protein.  Robust leafy greens like swiss chard, kale or collards would be a great companion to roasted poultry.  You also can’t go wrong with roasted fall vegetables like squash, beets and parsnip.

How Do I Carve My Turducken?
One of the most important steps once you take this roast out of the oven is that you wait for it to rest.  If you carve it right away, the roast will lose a lot of its juices when you slice it.  There are different theories about how long you should wait but about 15 minutes is a good bet: an easy way to remember is that you pour a glass of wine once you take it out.  Toast to a job well done and then carve the roast when you’re at the bottom of your glass of wine