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Queso Fresco

Queso Fresco is a fresh cheese. It is soft, unripened and very easy to make at home.

Total prep time for this dish is less than two hours. The trick here, like all cooking, is to have high-quality ingredients and to be organized in advance!

This cheese is made and continuously eaten in Nicaragua. Small goats are in abundance, and they survive well in the hardscrabble pastures. Because refrigeration is a luxury, the cheese makes for an excellent source of healthy protein and fat as families with access to fresh milk every day will make one day’s worth of cheese. Making the cheese often and consuming it quickly save Nicaraguan families from having to refrigerate large amounts of queso fresco.


  1. 8 Litres Whole Goat Milk
  2. 1 Litre Buttermilk
  3. 2 Tbsp Citric Acid
  4. 4 oz (fluid) Water
  5. 2 tsp Salt


  1. Dissolve the citric acid in the water
  2. Combine goat milk and buttermilk together in a saucepan
  3. Over moderate heat, bring the milk mixture to 75C
  4. Add citric acid solution to the warm milk mixture one it has reached 75 C
  5. Whisk the combined liquids for 30 seconds and let them stand for 60 minutes
  6. Strain the queso fresco from the liquid and serve at cold or at room temperature
  7. Refrigerate any leftover queso fresco.

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