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Brine Kit – 1L


Brining is the best way to ensure your meat stays moist and juicy no matter how you cook it. This kit makes 1L of 5% brine.

Cooking Directions:

1. Fill a pot with 1L of water. Add the brine kit to the pot.
2. Bring to a boil stirring constantly to prevent the sugar from burning to the bottom of the pot.
3. Once boiled, remove the brine from the heat and transfer to a container large enough to hold the brine and portion.
4. When cold, submerge your protein into the brine.
5. Before cooking, rinse and dry the protein.

Tip: Use only half the water when boiling the brine and pour over 500mL ice in order to chill the brine faster and use it sooner.

Brine Length Guidelines:

Chicken Breast/Pork Chops – 1-2 hours
Whole Chicken/Roast – 4-6 hours
Whole Turkey – 24 hours


Salt, sugar, black peppercorn, star anise, bay leaf.

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