1. What Is The Packing House?

The Packing House is a small independent meat processor that is owned and operated by our friend Jeremy Losier.  Jeremy and Ryan all worked together at The Healthy Butcher.  The Packing House has been a supplier to Richmond Station since 2016.

2. Will I Still Be Able To Pick Up At Richmond Station?

Yes, for the near term Richmond Station will continue to be the default pick up location. However, pick up times will change. On Saturday, the pick up window will be from 12 pm – 5 pm. If you wish to pick up your share outside this window, you will have to contact info@westsidebeef.com to schedule a pick up.

3. Will I Have To Change My Password For The Website?

No, you will not have to change your password for the website.  You can continue to order West Side Beef the same way you always have.

4. Will I Still Be Able To Get a Turducken on Holidays?

Turduckens will not be available for 2018 Holidays.  However there are whole turkeys for sale already and with the growth of the program over the coming months we intend to offer more seasonal offerings so you can enjoy your holidays! We’re hoping to offer game meats and game birds too.

5. Is The STN. Burger Still Going To Be In My Beef Share and My Family Pack?

The Stn. Burger will no longer be available through West Side Beef.  Unfortunately the mixture of cooked and raw components cannot be assembled simultaneously in the new space due to provincial food regulation.  However, there will still be a burger in the Beef Share and Family Pack – the burger will be 60 day dry aged beef, free of binders and fillers.  The burger will be fresh and will simply require a salt and pepper seasoning prior to cooking.

6. Will Richmond Station Still Be Producing Recipes?

Yes, Richmond Station will stay actively involved in West Side Beef – a big part of their weekly participation will be providing recipe development so that when you’re cooking at home you’re still supported by a chef network.

7. Will There Be Changes To Deliveries

In the immediate future delivery locations will remain the same however the window in which deliveries will be made is changing. The new delivery window will be from 9 am – 12 pm.

The Packing House is also planning to:

  • Expand Delivery Zones
  • Offer multiple pick locations
  • Introduce flat rate delivery pricing

8. Will Ryan and Matt Still Be Responding To My Questions?

Yes.  Matt will still be the main point of contact for West Side Beef inquiries.  Matt and the team at Richmond Station will continue to be involved on a weekly basis.  Ryan will always be available if you have a question or concern about the product.

9. Will I Still Be Able To Get My Meat Fresh, or Will It Be Frozen?

All your WSB shares will be available fresh.  One change however is that the stock and sausages will now be frozen.  When Shares were assembled at Richmond Station the these items would be made in house.  The Packing House will use a third party to process stock and make sausages and it will have to be shipped frozen to preserve freshness.

10. Will The Quality of The Meat Change?

Quality of the meat will remain the same.  In fact, as we expand the program and serve more customers, the quality should improve.  With a broader customer base we can purchase more meat and have even stronger relationships with our farmers.

11. Will The Farms Supplying The Meat Change?

Some of the farms will change, however all meat will be subject to the same standards.  Our focus is always on delicious food.

12. What Other Changes Can I Expect Thanks To This Partnership?

In addition to improved availability and expanded delivery zones, The Packing House is also looking to Spring 2019 to start offering “Add-On” options to the existing Shares.  Soon enough, you’ll be able to leverage your West Side Beef account to source farm fresh eggs, delicious bacon and local game meat.