1. When will I receive my share(s)?

You purchased a share from West Side Beef and either selected home delivery or pick up at Richmond Station.

If you selected Delivery, this will be made between 9:00 am and 12:00pm on the specified date. Someone must be at home to receive your delivery. Product will not be left at your home unattended.

If you selected to pick up your share(s), this will occur between 12:00pm and 5:00pm on the specified date. Please enter through the front door and one of our staff will be happy to assist you. You can find the address and parking info here.

2. How long will I have to wait for my order?

You will be provided with a list of available dates to choose from at the time you order. On this date, your order will be either delivered to your door, or made available for pick-up at Richmond Station.


3. Can I order individual cuts of meat? How do I order more Ribeye's or bigger Briskets?

We build our orders based on people sharing equal parts of a whole. For that reason, you cannot order individual cuts of meat. If you are seeking out a specific cut of meat for a recipe or dinner party, you are best to visit a reputable butcher such as The Healthy Butcher, Sanagan’s or Cumbrae’s.

4. Can I place an order for a friend?

Of course, that’s a great idea. Just follow the prompts in the checkout queue and be sure to put in their proper delivery information. It is also important that someone is at home to receive the delivery, so make sure your friend knows when to expect us!

5. I can't seem to place more than one order at a time. What's going on here?

Because of the unique way that orders are filled (since each order represents a share in an animal), orders must be placed separately. You can order as many shares as you’d like for any of the days provided, you’ll simply need to check out one order at a time.

6. Can I order offal?

At present time we’re not offering tongue, liver or cheeks, however, we may at some point in the future. We do include many overlooked cuts like oxtail, marrow bones, and the coveted clod hammer, which will hopefully keep you busy for a while.