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Work for Your Share & Meet the Farmers

We will soon be launching a program called “Work for Your Share.” This program will give you all the opportunity to sign up for a hands-on butchery class with our Director of Customer Experience, and Head Butcher, Jamie Waldron. Jamie will take you through the break down of an animal, and you will go home with your share, just like you’d get on the website, but cut and packed with your own hands. We will announce the launch of these classes shortly in a newsletter.

In our continued quest to be as transparent as we can be about our products, we will be offering farm trips as well in the coming months. Small groups of people will be escorted by one of our butchers on a trip through Southwestern Ontario. We will visit several of our farms, meeting the farmers behind our great products and naturally, sampling various products along the way.

Thank you all for your ongoing support, it’s an honour to connect local farms to consumers the way that we do, and we look forward to continually offering you better products and services as we grow.

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