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Why Does West Side Beef Have a Family Pack?

Put simply, WSB offers a Family Pack because we’ve grown up to have families of our own. The first time we offered West Side Beef was 2010, and the original Beef Share was all we sold. One thing. One price.

The vast majority of our customers at that time were single individuals or young couples and they lived in condos or apartments. They had limited space in the small freezer attached to their upright fridge. In 2018, we still have many of the same customers from 2010, and along the way we’ve met new people too. Many of our customers have grown up, just like we have. In my house, there are three young children now; all vying for a place at the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We still get by on a small freezer and West Side Beef is perfect as the sole source of protein for our family.

The original Beef, Chicken and Pork Shares, however, typically contain only one or two large items that could feed a family.  The steaks sizes are meant for a couple to share.  The sausage packages are meant to be cooked for one meal.  Even the roasts and slow cook braise items are meant to feed only a few adults. These bins work well today for the same reasons they have always worked well.  If you live in limited space and have only one or two people to feed they are a perfect solution. But what about those of us with growing families?

The WSB Family Pack is meant for families that want good, healthy, fresh proteins for their home pantry. With this option, we’ve included larger roasts, whole birds, and for the first time ever we’re mixing proteins together in one option. When you buy the Family Pack and have it around the house you’ll be able to open the freezer and choose from beef, pork, and chicken.

My wife and I have long known that getting dinner on the table would be a little easier at our house if we have a mix of proteins available and in larger portion sizes than are available in other WSB Shares.  The last few months have had me delivering our shares to customers too and I’ve heard directly from you that meal time at your house is similar.

The WSB Family Pack is full of fresh, local protein. You can order it online, have it delivered to your front door and you can decide what to eat right away and what to freeze for another day.  And now you can get bigger roasts and mixed proteins.


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