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The Butcher Is In!

We are very pleased to announce that Jamie Waldron will be joining the team here at West Side Beef as our Director of Customer Experience and Education.

Jamie Waldron was born in Windsor, Ontario, and was raised in the small rural town of Harrow. He started his career in a small country butcher shop as a teenager. Since then, he’s dedicated 18+ years to the art of butchery.

Jamie has worked at some of the top butcher shops in Canada, and has helped craft menus for restaurant groups, consulted for butcher shops, and has studied abattoirs in Ontario. In 2013, he wrote the Home Butchering Handbook (Penguin/Alpha). It covers all aspects of meat cutting, from the whole carcass to usable cuts.

Jamie will be leading our butchery team going forward and will also be leading our new service: Ask the Butcher, by West Side Beef. Ask the Butcher is the first service of its kind in Canada, giving consumers direct access 18 hours a day, 7 days a week to email or chat directly with a butcher. We can answer any questions you may have about cooking, cuts of meat, butchering, farming, or really anything to do with meat or food. You can access this service directly on any page on our website or by contacting us here. You will get a personalized response back from Jamie or one of our other butchers.

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