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West Side Beef is a local meat share

It’s pretty simple really. We buy the best side of beef we can find, directly from the farmer that raised it.
We divide each side into 15 equal portions. Finally we find 15 hungry people and turn them into 15 happy people. Like we said, simple.

Oh, and now we sell chicken and pork too.


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What is a turducken? It’s a boneless chicken stuffed in a boneless duck stuffed in a boneless turkey, of course. With a limited supply, they’ll be flying off the shelves. Turducken will come with cranberry sauce, cooking instructions, and a boneless rolled turducken that is approximately 8lbs. This should feed approximately 14 people.

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West Side Beef gift cards are now available for all products. We’ve made it simple to purchase pre-set gift cards for our Beef, Chicken, and Pork or create your own gift card for any amount. A gift card can be purchased for your self or sent as a gift to that someone special. Gift cards can be added to any order or checked out separately.

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Some nice things our customers have said about us!

If you have the freezer space, I highly recommend getting 2 orders of the beef at a time. I am also a chicken lover and eating local and organic chicken honestly does taste more'll make sense once you try it! I love it so much it's my sole source for chicken and beef. Thanks for making local and great tasting meat that's ethically raised practical and financially feasible for us city folk.


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