West Side Beef is a local meat share

It’s pretty simple really. We buy the best side of beef we can find, directly from the farmer that raised it.
We divide each side into 15 equal portions. Finally we find 15 hungry people and turn them into 15 happy people. Like we said, simple.


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Each Beef Share is 1/15 of a side of beef: you'll get an assortment of prime, secondary, roasting, and braising cuts as well as ground beef, fresh sausage and beef stock. Our beef is local, pastured.The sides are aged for three weeks before we cut and package them for you.  We know the farmers personally and visit them often.  Our beef is always antibiotic and hormone free.



Each Chicken Share is 4 chickens: you'll get one whole and trussed, one flattened and marinated and two that are butchered into breasts, legs and wings.  Each Share also comes with chicken stock!  Our chickens are from a local farm less than an hour outside Toronto.  They are raised in open barns with constant access to the outdoors.  They are always antibiotic and hormone free.



Each Pork Share is 1/8 of a whole hog: you'll get fresh pork belly, a bone-in shoulder roast, some pork chops, fresh steaks, ground pork, breakfast sausage, spicy sausage as well as pork stock, rendered pork lard and a brine kit.  Our tamworth hogs are always on pasture, just outside Stratford, ON.  Our pork is always hormone and antibiotic free.

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Some nice things our customers have said about us!

We've ordered beef, pork and chicken from West Side Beef and the quality and taste of the meat is always incredible! The flavours can't be compared to what you get from the grocery store. We've really enjoyed how it has introduced us to cooking different cuts of meat and trying out new recipes and techniques. It's also great to know exactly where the product is coming from and that everything is butchered on-site. West Side Beef has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to our next order!


I've done 2 orders now and have sent more than 10 friends for their west side box as well! I love the variety & speciality of the meat cuts, the size of the portions are so perfect for couples, the texture & flavor of the beef is a 10/10. I've also has queries while already in the cooking process & a quick email to west side solved my problems and coached me to a perfect steak! West side YUM.


West Side Beef starts with beautiful and ethical beef. Then they butcher it in a professional and artful manner, provide it to consumers essentially on demand, and teach their customers about how to be more skilled in the kitchen. They provide all of the upside of participating in a meat CSA without any of the drawbacks.


It took one bite into West Side Beef's burger to open my senses and appreciate how great tasting their beef is.


We have been buying from West Side Beef for about 2 years now and we love it! We've bought the beef, chicken and pork. The quality of the meat is terrific and we especially love the marinated chicken and the sausages we get with the bags! It is a fantastic and more cost-effective alternative to some of the local butchers and higher-end grocery stores. The service provided by the staff is also impeccable!


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